Replacement Glass Torchiere Floor Lamp Shades

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Replacement glass torchiere floor lamp shades. You can find hardly any more confusion inside lighting industry than the best way to select a replacement glass shade for a torchiere lamp. First let us define a torchiere lamp: Any table or floor lamp whose light is directed upward using a glass, metal, stone, plastic or other type of reflector. These lamps take many forms and are made of many materials but most generally made as floor lamps.

These popular lamps provide excellent area lighting because they bounce light off the ceiling and diffuse it throughout a large an area of the room. Dish type (most common) is a dish or bowl shape glass shade with a 1 5/8″ wide center hole that simply slips down over the electrical socket and rests upon a metal or plastic holder. There is a threaded ring which screws down in the electrical socket to hold the glass in place. This type torchiere glass is usually frosted white, beige or plain white.

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Reflector waffle pattern opal white glass bowl is often a cone shape glass shade available in two (2) common sizes: 2 . 75″ fitter that is 10″ wide along with the other is a 2 . 25″ fitter that is 8″ wide. This torchiere glass usually has a waffle type pattern pressed into the surface with the glass although there are some devoid of any pattern in the glass. These torchiere glass shades were very popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s and were situated on many 6 way lamps that had 3 arm lights plus a center light. They are also available on some modern lamps as well as some lamps without arms. Many of these lamps are designed for a fabric lamp shade to relax upon the reflector glass. This arrangement not only provides excellent area lighting but excellent reading light. Replacement glass torchiere floor lamp shades, replacement glass floor lamp shades, replacement glass table lamp shades.

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