Multi Colored Floor Lamp

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Multi colored floor lamp. The most popular floor lamps purchased today are the upright lamps using a reading lamp extension. These are generally sometimes referred to as the mother and daughter lamps because of the dual lighting heads. These are incredibly appealing and often found in both modern and contemporary styles.

The multi-head lamps are also popular, especially with the younger kids. Many of these will have four or five lights attached to them that can be pointed in a variety of directions. It is not uncommon for them to have different colors to truly set the look of the room.

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Naturally , there are also more elegant ones much like the Kenroy Home Plateau. The price of on these are significantly higher, but they are also must more desirable than standard lighting. While regular floor lamps retail for well under $50, cardiovascular disease stylish ones such as this will usually sell for close to $200. Multi coloured floor lamp, multi colored shade floor lamp, multi color glass floor lamp, multicolor gooseneck floor lamp, blue multi color floor lamp.

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