Bohemian Floor Lamp

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Bohemian floor lamp. The form solutions for small spaces are fairly straightforward. First don’t overcrowd. Keep the volume of items in the room to a minimum, and secondly, don’t overwhelm space with furnishings that are too tall, too bulky or too busy for the space. This means that you may need to steer clear of Victorian or Edwardian pieces, the majority of which were designed to fit a fairly imposing scale and feature decorative details that are just too ornate for small spaces.

Georgian furniture, on the other hand, is often more delicate, while the low, lean lines of bohemian furnishings are particularly suited to small or low-ceilinged rooms. Metropolitan furniture, too, is not only clean in form but also cleverly designed to enable you to make the most of limited space: wheeled, folding or hideaway pieces, and dual purpose items, such as sofa beds or storage seats. Bear in mind that furniture raised on legs-whether a sofa, kitchen cupboard or bath, will, by improving the visible floor area, make the room seem larger, as will furniture that is transparent (it may be made of glass, acrylic or wire) or reflective (made of metal or mirror).

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Thinking beyond furniture, get clever with color, selecting pale, airy shades to further improve the feeling of space; add large-scale patterns on a pale, open background. And finally, improve light by keeping window treatments minimal and adding an interesting various table, floor lamps, and or suspended fixtures. Aglow bohemian floor lamp, bohemian style floor lamps.

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