Touch Sensor Floor Lamp

Touch Sensor Floor Lamp Ideas Pictures 49

Touch sensor floor lamp. Touch lamps are not new to interior decorating. They have been around for many years tend to be back as a new innovation. Touch sensitive lamps started off as table lamps with small floral designs. Now you can purchase for them in many designs from flowers to story characters and movie stars. They come as lamps or full size floor lamps.

These lamps operate from the heat of your hand. Three degrees of light can be attained from lamp without a three way bulb. One touch provides low level of light – perfect for saving electricity. A second touch gives medium light and also a third touch gives a crucial choice. No need for special bulbs. A forty or sixty watt bulb will suffice. In the event the lamp stops working, all that you should replace is the sensor which can be located in the base. Sensors can be acquired from any online touch sensitive lamp site.

Touch Sensor Floor Lamp Ideas Pictures 49

Touch sensitive lamps are attractive and a great addition to some home decor. Use them anywhere in the house- in the living room, your kitchen, or in the bedroom. There are designs to fit any home decor. According to the style you choose, they are not expensive. Touch sensor floor lamp silver, touch sensor floor lamp repair, touch sensor torchiere floor lamp, 3 way touch sensor floor lamp.

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