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Torchiere floor lamp replacement parts. The bright white light emitted by halogen bulbs make torchiere lamps a desirable lighting option for rooms where reading or any sort of close-up work takes place because the light emitted reduces eyestrain. Torchiere lamps using halogen lighting may also be good choices for rooms displaying artwork because the bright white light accentuates the details and colors of photography and paintings. Halogen lighting also lasts two times as long as standard bulbs.

Some of the drawbacks of by using a halogen torchiere including the costs of replacement bulbs, around four times that of standard light bulbs. This type of lighting has to be kept away from moisture every wetness can cause the bulbs to explode, damaging the entire lamp. It’s also not wise to use torchieres showcasing halogen lamps if safety features are not set up to prevent fire hazard.

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Halogen torchiere floor lamps make good lighting choices for living rooms and study areas because the white light they provide makes reading easy on the eyes. These also produce a great addition to childrens furniture arrangements as they can move it to where they like. Torchiere floor lamp replacement parts, torchiere floor lamp parts.

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