Tall Floor Lamps for Living Room

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Tall floor lamps for living room. Floor lamp have come a long way since the days when your only option must have been a brass pole with a bulb on the top. These days there are a number of designs to suit every taste. You will find a Chili Pepper Floor Lamp which, as the name implies, is a floor lamp with glass chili shapes for the reason that ‘shade’! There’s a matching table lamp and chandelier too, for those who want the rest of their lighting to elaborate on the chili theme.

There’s also a Flame Floor Lamp with 2 Colour Tulip Shades, and that is just as striking as the Chili Lamp. Warning for prospective owners: it will steal a person’s eye away from every other item within the room! This lamp can be coordinated with a matching table lamp, a rise and fall ceiling lamp, a wall lamp and a pendant lamp.

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Tall floor lamps for living room. For people who don’t have space to spare, a Tall Space Saving Column Lamp is the perfect solution. It’s easy to squeeze into a tight corner, but it’s tall enough and powerful enough to light up all of the surrounding space. This is great news for people surviving in tight quarters, such as city apartments or well-populated family homes!.

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