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Short floor lamps. The most effective things about floor lamps is that even though they have to be put on the floor, there is certainly ample scope of innovation because of the height. The floor lamps can be up to 5 feet high and hence here is ample opportunity to first of all recreate the camp and then the support rod/ pillar and finally the hood of the lamp.

Consider a few of these styles of the floor lamps. The camp can be made out of metal or any type of other material. One of the most solid bases and very elegant and beautiful at that, are of stainless steel discs. IF the base of the lamp is made of a stainless-steel disc, then the lamp will certainly stand out; first of all owing to the conventional large disc that it will be held on. Then think about the thin rod that is riveted to the top of the lamp which finally results in a globular, white, large glass lighting holder which will render it the slight eclectic try looking in steel.

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Then there is another design of floor lamps that is downright creative, but only being an idea because the execution is unquestionably not something that one might possibly not have witnessed. The base is made up of sturdy, firm and flat metallic or wooden material, in order that it is relatively heavier than the remaining portions of the lamp. Then your middle portion is made of hand carved wood in the form of a pillar, that might have the normal pillar design or the helix pattern carved out of it and the top, there be a rectangular box that has the lighting fixture into it. In short, we have been looking at a Victorian street lamp version. Hence the options are immense. Short floor lamps UK, short floor reading lamps, short modern floor lamps, short floor standing lamps.

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