Medusa Floor Lamp

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Medusa floor lamp. As opposed to the ambient lighting provided for simple relaxation, modern floor lamps might also supply the task lighting meant for crafting and and hobbies. Not only is this lighting directed instead of diffused, the light generated by the bulbs mimics natural daylight.

A heavy base usually prevents the lamp from toppling over, and at the highest is either a single shade – as in the ‘Torchiere’ style, for example , or multiple shades, as in the ‘Medusa’ style, which signifies the many snakes which the Goddess had for hair. Different levels of light settings are often available too.

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The Torchiere is notable because, unlike most other lamps, it shines light directly upwards. If you’d rather light the cheaper portions of the room but would still like to provide illusion of light, choose one with the tall, columnar floor lamps, or make a narrow room lokk wider with a short, squat floor lamp. With designs ranging from three to 6 feet, you’re certain to find something ideal. Medusa floor lamp shades, Medusa floor lamp replacement shades, Medusa floor lamp sconces, lumisource medusa floor lamp, lumisource Medusa floor lamp replacement shades.

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