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Lighthouse floor lamp. Lighthouses are a very identifiable symbol, and represent many things for many. For anyone who loves to travel, each lighthouse can represent any they’ve visited or dream to someday. More metaphorically, lighthouses symbolize a warning of danger ahead, as well as a beacon over the horizon guiding you home. Nautical lamps during the shapes and colors of familiar lighthouses will make you smile every time you turn them on. They don’t necessarily have to be giving a specific replica. Even having most of the same colors and a standard style can accent a nautical theme.

Antique ship pieces can be made into magnificent nautical lamps to go along with your theme. Lanterns traditionally attached to old fashioned fishing boats can be reconditioned and used as lighting in your home or office. It could take a little legwork, as they are seldom easy to come by, but scouring antique dealers is the best technique to track down these pieces. If you ever live on or around the east coast, or you are planning an unscheduled visit sometime soon, keep an eye on antique shops and other stores that might have nautical themed lamps and other lighting.

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Nautical themes don’t necessarily have to be associated with ships and lighthouses. You will find other life in the ocean that can be incorporated into your design. For a child’s room, extremely colorful fish on the walls onto blue paint can be a whimsical trip to the ocean floor. Nautical lamps can be designed with the same brightly colored fish or other sea life. You can even use real coral and seashells to make your special decorative and creative lamps. Lighthouse floor lamp for sale UK, innermost lighthouse floor lamp, lighthouse tripod floor lamp, wooden lighthouse floor lamp, amish made lighthouse floor lamp, cape hatteras lighthouse floor lamp.

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