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Girls floor lamp. Every little or big girl loves to have her bedroom reflect her own choices, likes and personality. There are simple ways to add this with a bedroom, after you choose the theme, colors, bedding sets, accessories, curtains, and decor.

To bring your own touch to the bedroom add attractive highlights to existing items in the room by stenciling designs onto a lampshade, dresser, bedside table, night stand or even the floor or wall. If there are wooden chairs this can be done also, use bolder and brighter colors than the ones chosen for the room, also fabric cushions will make a simple wooden chair both decorative plus more comfortable.

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Lots of pillows is actually a girls likes onto her bed, choose colorful, fancy, frilly, different shapes and sizes by adding color and texture for the girls bedroom with a delightful effect. This can be also be carried out with a variety of tassels added to the decorative pillows. Tassels may also be fun to use for pulls on window shades, curtain tie backs and on lamp shades. A curtain rod can be quite a decorative item in itself, they could easily be adapted to fit your decor. Dress up a round curtain rod by hanging a tassel, made from string or raffia at each end. Make a child’s room whimsical by creating the curtain rods cheerful, striped for example or add pom poms with each end. girls floor lamp, girl nursery floor lamps, little girl floor lamps, hula girl floor lamp, teenage girl floor lamps, girl room floor lamp.

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