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Floor lamp base weight. The most effective floor lamps are those which can be placed somewhere in a room the location where the danger of tipping over is lessened. This is because although this materials comes in different weights because it is iron, any piece is going to have some weight to it.

That shouldn’t be a problem, however , because these lamps come in many heights and styles as well as weight of the iron itself. Some are especially built to fit into corners, with “upside down” globes which allows the sunshine to be reflected upward, giving more illumination. Others are built to sit in other parts in the room.

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When shopping for floor lamps try to find those with either a wide base or that have three, four or more “legs. ” Some of these will be a sturdy base that may make it difficult to tip the lamp over. For additional safety, if you don’t place the lamp inside a corner, you can place it between another piece of furniture and a wall or between two furnishings. This way, if it tips over, it will be supported by something as opposed to hitting the floor directly. Associated with to leave enough room in order that there is no danger of fire. floor lamp base weight, torchiere floor lamp base weight, vinyl coated floor lamp base weight, add weight to floor lamp base.

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