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Colorful floor lamps. In terms of setting the mood or atmosphere in a room, not just does proper illumination increase the allure of your personal space, but also the sources of light. While table lamps and ceiling lights serve a functional purpose, floor lamps are expansive within the many different ways one may decorate their space and showcase their creativity. Whether you select an antique selection to brighten up your den or side with a traditional Victorian fringe design for the bedroom, the never-ending opportunities of a floor lamp shine through in the mind-boggling variety in choices.

Floor lamps will also be known to serve as a work of art, as some artists fashion one-of-a-kind pieces that sometimes depict odd, creative, or unusual displays. A few of the unique possibilities of artsy floor lights include planetary designs, sculpted wooden figures, wild animals, and abstract images. Artistic floor lights may also use unusual objects to construct the base of the lamp, such as animal antlers, petrified wood, branches, or heat-treated metal. They may rise in the environment like an ivory torch or bring the look and feel of fantasy with fairies decorating their base. Some floor lamps are fashioned with a specific art movement in mind, such as colorful Art Deco pieces. Artists could also hand craft their samples and hand paint customized describing on the outside of the shade to add characteristic touches for house and/or office use.

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The unique part of purchasing a floor lamp is that you may change lampshades to the base of the favorite lamp, just as you are able to match different colored bulbs to create varying effects inside a room. Depending on the time of day along with other outside factors, various lampshade colors change light into an array of shades, but red, blue, green, and even yellow lights can set up the atmosphere into a controlled setting, such as a romantic environment to some room set aside for contemplation, withdrawal, or reflection. Contemporary colorful floor lamps, cheap colorful floor lamps, fun colorful floor lamps, colorful modern floor lamps, color changing floor lamps, gold color floor lamps, true color floor lamps, brass colored floor lamps.

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