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Cantilever floor lamp. Modern desk lamps are available that take up very little desk space, some even have a clamp type arrangement for fixing on the desk, thereby eliminating the importance of a heavy base. They also feature cantilevered arms for directing the light to a more appropriate spot for a suit your particular task on hand. They are also available with halogen lamps, led lamps, energy saving lamps and regular incandescent lamps, although with the huge years of energy saving technology, the incandescent option is becoming less popular.

One particularly effective sort of lighting for working with, could be the full spectrum type of lamp. This gives excellent colour rendition as well as overall improved visibility, which in turn, promotes better health as well as an increase in productivity caused by these factors. The cost of such type of lamp however , can be prohibitive, with some models costing approximately ten times more than their non full spectrum counterparts.

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The opposite of the lamps stated previously would be examples of lamps produced during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s by the great glass artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany. His business, Tiffany Studios, produced a vast volume of product made from all types of materials and fabrics, but the most memorable of these are the stained glass windows and the Tiffany lamps. These old lamps are traded at auctions nowadays for most thousands of dollars, and are some of the most attractive on the marketplace. Cantilever floor lamp brass – threshold, cantilever floor lamp brass, cantilever floor lamp by Kichler, wooden cantilever floor lamp, large modern cantilever floor lamp, Kichler cantilever floor lamp brushed nickel.

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