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Brightest floor lamp. Before buying a modern floor lamp, you need to think about what the lamp is going to be used for. A lamp used for reading needs to be bright while a modern house lamp which is going to be used for home design reasons does not required needs to give off the brightest light.

This is most often the overlooked component while buying home floor lamp. Often people look for lamp with all the highest wattage, yet not realizing the amount of electricity it consumed. A difference of 15W is easily able to add a couple dollars to your bills plus more if you switched it on for long periods. With higher wattage, even though the light produced is brighter, it produces more heat as well. No electrical appliances go well with heat. The more heat it generates, the shorter the lifespan of your bulb. Unless you will need the light, reduce the wattage.

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Another great tip. To know simply how much wattage you need, switch on a lamp in your home and find out the brightness. Remove the bulb and take note of the wattage. If it is not state, try to find voltage and current amount. To get wattage, multiply them together. There are some lamps which may have adjustable wattage to increase and decrease the brightness. Get those if possible to adjust the lighting and ambiance for your home. Brightest floor lamp ikea, brightest floor lamp for reading, brightest floor lamp for living room, brightest floor lamps available, brightest torchiere floor lamp, brightest led floor lamp.

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