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Bling floor lamp. Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to style and redecorating. Even if you have nothing but low-end furniture and pretend plants around your home, the correct lighting can give you the sophisticated, contemporary and even high-end look that you are looking for. As mentioned earlier, this is easily achieved; let’s begin with something simple for instance table lamps and floor lamps. When put in the right areas, for instance end tables and coffee tables, and corners on the room, you will be able to acquire a soft, mood lighting.

Spot lights and path lighting can be a couple other options you can consider if you’re looking to get that celebrity feel, and if you have a few more dollars you can spare. You wouldn’t think it, but if you have path lights professionally installed into the floor of your home, like say, down the edges of your living room or foyer, you will be able to deliver a red carpet look. Complete the Hollywood theme with some spot lights, but only sparingly. Spot lights usually are the best in groups of three or four and are also best for showcasing wall art.

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Chandeliers, though much pricier, will tell your guests that you are made out of bling, style and money. Great for foyers, spaces and dining rooms, chandeliers completely embody the term “celebrity. ” The trick here is to acquire one that will actually fit the place of your home and leave the extravagantly large ones to the hotel lobbies. bling floor lamp, bling floor lamps uk, Robert Abbey bling floor lamp.

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