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Torchiere Antique Floor Lamp Parts Art Deco picture 25

Antique floor lamp parts. A common antique floor lamp restoration technique is to replace the electrical workings with contemporary parts to make these lamps safer and more functional. Converting an antique floor lamp into a halogen or a compressed fluorescent floor lamp combines the benefits of modern lighting technology with the associated with antique design.

Antique lamps are rarely chosen for their light – they really are more aesthetic than functional. A vintage floor lamp pleases the eye and accentuates much of the furniture around it. Brass trim within the floor lamp’s base can call attention to the brass handles of a nearby chest. The carved wood on the maple floor lamp improves a room’s warm tones and blends in with the rest of the models dark wood furniture.

Torchiere Antique Floor Lamp Parts Art Deco picture 25

An article of furniture can be effectively included in design, and floor lamps should be no different. Selecting an antique or simply a reproduction floor lamp contains the potential to bring the style within the room together. Choose these lamps if you have lots of brass describing or a consistent idea of the dark wood and warm fabric tones in your furniture. Antique floor lamp parts Canada, antique floor lamps parts for sale, antique floor lamp replacement parts, antique brass floor lamp parts, antique torchiere floor lamp parts, antique bridge floor lamp parts.

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