300 Watt Floor Lamp

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300 watt floor lamp. Step one in understanding lighting, is to know that there are two basic types that are in use in most houses today. The first is incandescent lighting, which is produced by running present through a small wire known as filament. The light that is produced is very bright and warm, and is ideal for almost any task.

The second kind of indoor lighting is called fluorescent lighting, and is particularly produced when electricity passes through a glass tube that is coated inside and loaded with gas. This kind of light is rather soft and gentle, but it’s big advantage is that it can produce about five times as much light from same amount of electrical current as an incandescent light.

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In general, there are three levels of lighting used in the home based on what task is being performed. For general relaxing and low-level lighting, 40 – 80 watt incandescent bulbs is fine fine. For most general tasks, 100 – 150 watts will suffice. But for very specialized type of work, 180 – 300 watts could possibly be needed. For reading in your house, it’s good to have a floor lamp that is placed and you are out of the room and slightly to the left or right. If you’re only those reading for a short while, 150 watts should be fine, but for prolonged reading 250 watts will do better to avoid eye strain and fatigue. 300 watt floor lamp with dimmer, 300 watt floor lamp torchiere, 300 watt floor lamp halogen, 300 watt floor lamp lowes, 300 watt halogen floor lamp bulb, 300 watt led floor lamp.

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