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3 bulb floor lamp. There are several alternatives you can choose to brighten your room at night. One of several practical ways is through halogen floor lamp. Seriously speaking, there are many benefits you will gain from using this particular floor lamp at home. Let me justify for you.

First thing first, we have to see whether it is really worthwhile for us to have a halogen floor lamp at home. Since the economy is uncertain nowadays, it will likely be good if we can find constructive ways to save our daily expenses. In order to pay less for the electricity bills, you are recommended to make use of this type of floor lamp within your room. For your information, the halogen bulbs are more energy-efficient because they produce more light per watt if in contrast to normal bulbs. A 75-watt halogen bulb is able to produce 1300 lumens. Isn’t it great for you to enjoy more brightness with lesser bulbs? To be frank, the halogen bulb has longer life time and it is more durable. You don’t need to spend so much of money to replace the spoilt bulbs too often. Quite simply, by using the halogen bulb, it can save you more money.

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Besides the cost, we have to take a look at the brightness created by this lamp. This type of lamp produces brilliant white light which is perfect for your eyesight. In general, the halogen within the floor lamps is combined with iodine, bromine, chlorine and fluorine. As a result, clear and pure lights are produced. So as to have a good reading environment, you might be advised to find out the total amount of bulbs you need for your lamp. In common, those lamps that can come with 2 bulbs are sufficient. If your room is small , you may need one bulb only. By using halogen lamps, you don’t need to worry so much about chemical responses. Your health will never be affected at all because there is no production of harmful gases. 3 bulb floor lamp wiring, 3 bulb floor lamp target, 3 lights floor lamp, 3 way bulb floor lamps, adjustable 3 bulb floor lamp, 3 bulb torchiere floor lamp, 3 bulb brass floor lamp, 3 bulb tiffany floor lamp.

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